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Georgia Foster

Krill Oil

Krill Oil

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Welcome to a new era of liver care with our Premium Krill Oil, distinctly different from your average supplement. 

Our Bridport Health Krill oil’s unique structure and natural blend of nutrients is an ideal supplement for liver health and in particular for men and women who drink alcohol. 

Our high-strength Krill oil is backed by scientific studies and supported by official regulated health claims. This powerful oil is one of the most researched supplements on the planet.

Our Bridport Health Krill oil is the finest and most superior Krill oil in the marketplace with the highest potency from Antarctica. It is the best in class regarding sustainability certifications and ratings.

Each batch is analysed to ensure nutrient value, freshness and most importantly free from bacteria (which is an issue for a lot of Krill oils on the shelf!) 

I have put a ton of time, energy, and care into finding a quality Krill Oil that I can feel proud to add to our Bridport Health supplement line. 

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Georgia is a world-renowned Alcohol Reduction Expert with over 26 years of experience. She has helped 108,996 people (and counting) significantly reduce their alcohol consumption with her proven 7-day system.

She has helped them discover how to drink less with AMAZING results! It’s being hailed as groundbreaking and the first of its kind with a unique approach to alcohol reduction with a 97% success rate!

Say GOODBYE to drinking too much and smooth sail your way to alcohol reduction TODAY!

Designed specifically for people who are concerned that they may be addicted to alcohol and can’t get off the unhelpful habitual drinking too much treadmill… 

It’s time to move on! 

It’s the fastest and easiest authentic program that has received 1000’s of testimonials from lawyers, doctors, teachers, homemakers and more who have successfully reduced their regular drinking by up to half in less than 7 days!  

And the results speak for themselves by the MASSIVE amount of consistent media coverage in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. From The BBC, The Morning Show, The Times, Good Housekeeping and 100’s more publications who praise my approach as a ‘trail blazer’ in the alcohol reduction field.

60 Day Money Back Guarentee

When you decide to go ahead and purchase one of my programs you’ll  receive an email with login details with immediate access to my secure online membership site where you will be able to read, audio stream and download your purchase to your preferred device. This is a one time payment for lifetime access.I’m so confident that you will be pleased with the effectiveness of my programs you purchase I offer my customers a 100% 60 Days Money Back Guarantee! No Questions asked…