• With a program to stick to, it’s not as hard as I imagined…. I have just had five small glasses of wine in the past 10 days – a huge improvement…
    I feel stronger and more accepting of my own current situation, so there was less of an internal struggle and less of a void to fill with drink. Alcohol is becoming a treat not a habit.’


    Psychologies Magazine

  • ‘My skin was clearer and I slept better… By the end of the week, my usual total of 40 units is down to a more modest (for me) 21. Thanks to hypnotherapy… And the brilliant thing? I haven’t had to give up drinking completely.


    Featured in The Daily Mail

  • ‘I don’t know if it’s because I have more energy and I am more active, but I’ve lost 7 pounds! . People keep saying how well I look. Yesterday, someone asked me if I’d had a facelift. I thought I needed alcohol to relax, to make life more interesting, to make me more interesting. It’s just not true.’


  • “I often woke up annoyed with myself because wine was stopping me from doing simple things such as phoning friends. I found it so easy to sit at a computer or watch TV and would top up my glass almost unconsciously…..Since completing the programme in March she has managed a couple of nights a week without alcohol and when she does drink, a glass or two is enough.”

  • “Let’s be honest: nobody wants to live in a non-alcohol world. But it’s about you managing your alcohol, as opposed it letting it manage you. It’s about not using drink as escapism from day-to-day problems.”

    Those cravings practically VANISHED! It’s such a relief!
    “This program is quite a strange experience to start with, but then I’ve never done something like this before. Just relax and don’t question it. At first I was disappointed because I thought it wasn’t working. Then suddenly, this odd thing happened… I haven’t wanted to have a drink at all! It’s not like the idea turns me off, but before I would think about a big glass of wine and it would only be a matter of time before I had got my hands on one (then two, then three). Those cravings practically VANISHED! It’s such a RELIEF! I will definitely want to have wine in my future, but it’s nice to think that I call the shots from now on, instead of the other way round. Try it, and stick at it… you’ll be AMAZED.”

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