# Go Alcohol Free this July

How a Wine-Loving Mum and Dad

Discovered a Little Known Brain Switch
that Turned Their Nightly ‘Booze Fest’
into an easy Sober July ‘Water Fest’

& Won the Battle with the Scales without Willpower!

An under the radar method discovered by a once big Aussie boozer is...

Taking the world by storm that targets worried drinkers with a Go Sober For July easy to use plan!

It's a fast track to kick start liver health while taking a month off the booze without the pain of iron will and a fear of giving in…

Even if you've attempted to give up the booze for a month before, Going Alcohol Free this July is a great time to get it right!

Because, unlike past attempts at going sober for the month, this method deals with the REAL reason for the difficulty of sober months…

It has defied and baffled well-meaning doctors who don't understand 'why' and 'how' to achieve this quickly and effortlessly.

Maybe the odd thought of going off the booze for a month has been floating around in your head for a while…

But then you brush it to one side, as the thought of waving goodbye to your delicious ice-cold beers or tasty white wine for 31 days makes you feel anxious!

And that you might fail!

And the irony is... just thinking about a month off the booze sometimes makes you drink more!

It's a bit like asking someone to NOT think about an elephant with pink spots!

The more you think about 'not doing it' the more you want to do it!!!

And there is a really good scientific explanation for this which I will share with you very soon.

I'll also reveal the real reason why it feels too hard to have a month off the booze.

It‘s not that you are weak-willed… in fact, it is the opposite!

And it's exactly the reason why most people don't attempt an alcohol-free month even when they know it will be good for them.

And let's be a little kind to ourselves… when was the last time we experienced the past few years we've just had before?

NEVER IN our lifetime!

The FACT is: This 25-minute 'Mind Makeover' has revolutionized over 57,875 (and counting) men and women to Go Alcohol Free this July and go back to healthier ways of drinking in August with a guilt-free, shame-free relationship with alcohol while improving liver health too!

So, it's okay to let yourself off the hook a little bit.

Maybe you are noticing that extra tyre around your middle is starting to get uncomfortable, which you know is directly related to excessive drinking!

But it's not the excess belly bulge that is the biggest concern for many…

It's the fear that maybe YOU have become alcohol reliant or in other words…

The 'alcohol is managing you, rather than you are managing it!'

There is also a deeper, more sinister fear that the years of habitual drinking may lead to liver damage!

Because the truth is...
The liver doesn't tell you it's unwell… until it's too late.

Alcohol-related liver disease or as the doctors call it (ARLD) is a silent disease that goes under the radar.

Worryingly, many drinkers put their concerns about liver health to the back of their mind because it seems all a bit too hard to think about!

The problem is…

Without taking a break from alcohol; it can be a slippery slope to a cirrhotic liver which is not where any drinker wants to go!

Because once you get there, you can't go back, i.e. you can never drink again.

I'll also reveal the real reason why it feels too hard to have a month off the booze.

It‘s not that you are weak-willed… in fact, it is the opposite!

And it's exactly the reason why most people don't attempt an alcohol-free month even when they know it will be good for them.

And let's be a little kind to ourselves… when was the last time we experienced the past few years we've just had before?

NEVER IN our lifetime!


Now, if you are anything like me and you like your wine or beer as I do… I don't want this to happen to you, and I know this is not what you want to happen for yourself!

Did you know having a month of the booze can be 'just the ticket' to spring clean your liver back into incredible health?

And going alcohol-free for four weeks – you just watch the pounds melt away…

But there are so many other benefits of taking a month out like more money in the bank...

Fewer bottles in the recycling bin that you hid from your neighbors that used to embarrass you!


A clearer mind, a great deep and healing sleep and waking remembering conversations from the night before!

But there's another ACE up your sleeve when you choose this method that other resources don't give you…

A bona fide tried and tested scientifically based blueprint that will skyrocket your success of going Sober this July without having to deal with the drama of it!

And get you ready for August with a 'drink less' mindset that will have you saying 'no' to that extra glass or that sneaky drink that you know you don't need.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 5.49.20 PM.png__PID:33fe5409-80c0-40ae-ae07-0554020b8b5c

Hi, I'm Georgia Foster, and I am known as 'The Aussie Alcohol Reduction Expert!'

I help men and women get themselves into the right 'thinking before drinking' state.

I am so excited to be your guide to support you to have an Alcohol Free July, free from temptation and feeling like a failure – because you are NOT!

I've been featured on Sky News, The Morning Show, The Telegraph, The Times Newspaper, Good Housekeeping, Psychologies Magazine, just to name a few.

However, you need to know that I get the self-questioning and self-doubt about going sober...

Because it took me some time to figure out how to go alcohol-free without feeling like I was missing out!

And I want you to know that I still drink and enjoy what I drink, but it wasn't always like that.

I used to drink alcohol because I was shy and never felt good enough. I drank to run away from my self-esteem issues, and in my mind, I thought drinking made me more interesting!

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 6.12.47 PM.png__PID:918e4ee0-8f52-4549-b780-accb29c592f2
psychologieslogo (1).png__PID:26c9c2f2-96ac-4f10-ae96-861fc4c69de8
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"My Drinking Story"


Back in 1998…

I was seeing this guy who I was very keen on and if I admit it, he wasn't that good for my self-esteem. He was critical of my weight, my job and pretty much everything…I believed what he said was correct, and to some extent he was right 'I did drink a lot!'

So, he challenged me one day and said he would take us on a beach holiday if I committed to quitting the booze for the month.

At first, I was angry and felt ashamed that we were even having the conversation but… I wanted to please him, and I wanted to look my best for him, so he felt proud of me on the beach in my bikini (and if I am honest I did too!)

As it was the end of the month, I thought I might as well start next week which coincidentally was the 1st of July.

The first week was going quite well because I was really busy with work but the weekend came, and my boyfriend suggested we go out for dinner. We went to a new restaurant that had opened up around the corner.

I could've killed for a glass of wine or two, but I wanted to keep my promise, so when the waiter came over and offered us a drink I said 'Just some water thank you!'

Then I was surprised that my boyfriend asked for a beer. I was shocked because I was under the assumption that he was going to have an alcohol-free month with me.


I looked at him with a query in my eye, and he said it was 'okay' for him to drink because he could manage his booze, whereas I couldn't!'

I felt this awful pit in my stomach that just wouldn't go away...

I wanted to crawl into a hole right there and then because I felt like such a loser.

I felt like bursting into tears but my pride got the better of me!

So I decided to go to the bathroom to get my thoughts together.

The light in the bathroom was flickering on and off…

It was like a migraine, and I felt like I was going to be sick!


And then I started to get angry… I mean really angry and really mad at myself and my boyfriend for making me feel so awful. So, I composed myself and went back to the restaurant via the bar and ordered a large glass of chardonnay!

I told my boyfriend that he could 'stick his Sober July deal somewhere where the sun doesn't shine' and that I was going to have a glass of wine whether he liked it or not!

I told him I was tired of him being The Wine Police!

To my surprise, he seemed shocked and bizarrely agreed that it was a lovely restaurant, so why don't we just enjoy ourselves.

But I just couldn't settle. I just couldn't calm down.

That first glass of chardonnay went down like prohibition was only half an hour away!

So, I ordered another glass, and I could see my boyfriend starting to get mad at me again about my drinking… but this just made me even more determined to get drunk…

I told him to back off and to stop criticizing me.

I was drinking fast and furiously and suddenly realized I was quite drunk.

My boyfriend suggested we should leave, so I made my way to the bathroom before our journey home.

As I reached the bathroom, the light was still flickering on and off, and as I turned to lock the door, the light went off…

It was completely dark!

I was also bursting to go to the toilet, so I figured out where the toilet bowl was, then I took my pants down and straddled my legs either side of the bowl.

I was so relieved to be going to the toilet; I was in a trance state…

But then I thought it was a bit odd…

There was this warm liquid going into my underwear, then my thighs and my new white jeans!

Then it dawned on me...The toilet seat lid must be down… and the urine was bouncing off the top of the lid directly into my underwear!!!

Then right down to the inside of my shoes!

My feet were swimming in my 'wine warm' urine!

I was horrified!

Within a nano-second, I became incredibly anxious and fearful about how I was going to get out of this situation without my boyfriend knowing.

I left the toilet cubicle saturated with urine from the waist down. I was madly trying to pat myself dry with hand towels, but I knew it wasn't going to do anything!!!

By this time, I knew my boyfriend would be getting irritated that I was taking so long in the bathroom…

Now, I don't know if you have ever been in this horrific and embarrassing situation, but with a few wines under my belt...

I couldn't figure out an easy explanation apart from being drunk and that there was no excuse!

I couldn't figure out what else to say except the light went off, and I pissed my pants!

So, I went back to the table and told my boyfriend I wasn't feeling very well, trying to escape as quickly as possible.

As I went to put my coat on to cover my saturated backside, he grabbed me and held me and for a few moments… fear engulfed me and the sheer terror of him knowing what had happened and then I thought…

Maybe he couldn't feel the wet bits…

But we just looked at each other, and I knew he knew!


That night still plagues my mind, and if I am honest with myself, it was a wake-up call to my relationship with alcohol.

So, I made a commitment to regularly have alcohol free months to prove to myself I could do it.

However, this time with a very different approach.Oh and the boyfriend… After that night - I never saw him again!

You see that traumatic night
changed me forever as a drinker!

I am not sure if you have one of those drinking stories...

Having spent over 26 years helping men and women discover how to have a healthier relationship with alcohol, I've heard 1000's of them!

Over the years, I've interviewed top neuroscientists from around the world.

  • I have been in deep conversations with addiction experts.
  • ​I've met with Government bodies.
  • ​I've researched and left no stone unturned to understand how to have a healthier relationship with alcohol.
  • ​I've taken all the hard work out for YOU, so you don't have to do the hours upon hours of research on the internet.
  • ​Honestly, I've taken the pain away of wondering whether you can or can't do a Dry month!

Because YOU can!

TODAY is your day to stop worrying about your drinking…

NOW I am here to help you!

What I am going to unveil to you is a system that defies what you have been told before about going sober for a month.

As well as developing a healthier and less complicated relationship with alcohol (which is what most drinkers want, isn't it?)

It's a quick start to getting you into the right headspace about completing your Alcohol Free July strategy.

As well as getting you ready for a healthier relationship with alcohol in August… and beyond!

I am going to show you a discovery that brain scientists now recognize is the missing link to creating a healthier liver and life!

It's a breakthrough that I am pretty confident you would not have heard of before because I only recently stumbled across it in some medical journals, and it is incredibly compelling to read!

Because it is sooooo new… it still hasn't hit the mainstream media or even doctor's surgeries either!

Yet, those who know about this are already seeing its massive impact on improving drinker's lives…

So, it won't be long before the rest of the health community pick up on this method…

But I don't want you to wait… I want you to be ahead of the game.

Just imagine one month from now having a healthier liver?

Just think about how amazing you are going to feel when you've achieved a month off the booze with a waistline you are proud of?

It may seem a big promise, but new revolutionary approaches do seem a bit 'hypey' until they become a reality!

The good news is you don't need to take massive supplements!You don't need to go on a special diet or crazy exercise.

If you want to accelerate your confidence in July by going alcohol free, this 25-minute Mind method is perfect for YOU!

It will surge your brain and body with optimism, and better mental focus without the cravings for alcohol!

And the bonus is… you will be getting more things done because you won't be procrastinating about whether 'you should' or 'shouldn't drink!'

You just forget about drinking from day one!

You just forget about drinking
from day one!

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 7.49.06 PM.png__PID:0356a6f5-a6e6-4baf-8e35-96c3c64ef98b

So, let's talk about what this incredible part of the
brain is that has got neuroscientists flocking to do
more studies, creating double-blind tests and
placebo's to prove its potential?

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 7.50.52 PM.png__PID:5b0b9560-1b86-4d3f-97fe-7e33e47fa61b

‘Don’t get hooked into complicated scientific mumbo jumbo…

All you need to know about the Striatum is that it is a small deep fibrous part of the brain that controls your habits.

The tricky bit is...

How to teach it new healthier habits.

YOU need to train this part of the brain to be comfortable with alcohol-free days…

How do you do this?

The simplest way is via hypnosis!’

So, before you decide hypnosis isn’t for you and I respect that it might not be…

I want to give you some essential facts about hypnosis…

  • I have been in deep conversations with addiction experts.
  • ​I've met with Government bodies.
  • ​I've researched and left no stone unturned to understand how to have a healthier relationship with alcohol.
  • ​I've taken all the hard work out for YOU, so you don't have to do the hours upon hours of research on the internet.
  • ​Honestly, I've taken the pain away of wondering whether you can or can't do a Dry month!
Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 11.33.54 PM.png__PID:1dab49ba-79e3-4217-8ebb-f75c28ae577f

A study analysis found hypnosis to have a
93 per cent success rate with fewer sessions than
counselling and psychotherapy, which led
researchers to believe
hypnosis was the most
effective method of behavioral change!

Even though hypnosis has been proven to be the most cutting edge and forward-thinking therapy, many people are still in fear of it…

I get this because there are a lot of poorly trained therapists out there who give hypnosis a bad name, so you do need to be referred to someone fully qualified.

I spent years training in hypnosis and (without ego) I got the second-highest results in Europe!

I also spent many years as a senior lecturer on hypnosis in many of the universities of the United Kingdom, which I absolutely loved.

I've treated bankers, lawyers, nurses, homemakers, artists, you name it with incredible success!

I know hypnosis is the easiest method for making healthy changes without the stress and the strain of going into long term therapy.

And it makes complete sense when you think about it…Because all you want to do is to get your head around HOW to have a successful 100% sober July...

That goes by alcohol-free without the fear of giving in.

Remember the Striatum will naturally do what you’ve been doing, so it’s no surprise you find it challenging to quit the booze for a month.

I want to take the pain away from your decision making…

I want you to know you have an incredible mind that is open and excited to achieve a beautiful Alcohol Free month.

The truth is there are many myths about hypnosis, mainly coming from movies and stage hypnosis (which is completely set up!)

Hypnosis is now known as a genuine therapy that can fast track you to a better space, rather than expensive, long-term and often ineffective methods.

And let’s face it, this is not a complicated problem!

All you want to do is to have an alcohol free July which springboards you into a healthier relationship with alcohol in August RIGHT?

REMEMBER: there is no such thing as willpower...

It’s your Striatum that needs to know you are going Alcohol Free in July.

Planning an alcohol-free month SHOULD BE easy, and it should be a good strategy in preparation for the goal of drinking less in August…

NOW you know it is this one crucial step that is overlooked…

And it’s this one simple step that is missed time and time again.

If your Striatum is running your drinking show, it’s NOT going to want you to stop drinking because it genuinely thinks being sober is ‘not’ normal!

So, hypnosis is the best way forward.

It trains the Striatum that being Sober for July is fun, easy and naturally achievable.

To say it another way… during hypnosis, you are communicating directly to the Striatum to learn a new behaviour of being Alcohol Free this month.

I am taking highly skilled techniques that I’ve been using for decades with great success and giving you all this in ONE MONTH!

To give you the success YOU are looking for!

What many people don’t know is that hypnosis is a natural state we all enter.

Everybody including YOU goes into a NATURAL hypnotic state, called the Alpha/Theta state…

Some people call it the daydream state.

It's that beautiful state just between drifting into sleep and just before you wake in the morning.

It’s a window of time of around 20 minutes between being awake and asleep.

This is the state when your subconscious mind is at its most emotionally intelligent and is open to positive change.

It's where your mind and body can learn faster, new ways of thinking, responding and feeling.

It may sound simple, but hypnosis is one of the most effective methods of creating HEALTHY, POSITIVE emotional change.

Your mind just instantly stores the new information…

WITHOUT any resistance!

PERFECT for a quick and effective way to enjoy a NEW healthy drinking relationship in July...

That replaces your old destructive, unhealthy drinking mentality...

The first thing the July hypnotherapy recording does is help your mind get into this non-resistant Alpha/Theta mode…

How do the recordings DO THIS?

All you need to do is simply sit or lie down somewhere comfortable where you can close your eyes.

Don't worry if you have a busy brain that is fine and normal.

I don't expect YOU to go into a nothingness state.

That is difficult for many, hence why meditation is such a problem for some.

Busy brains can hinder the best meditation plans, hence why this approach is better.

And much more accessible.

Because you don't have that pressure to relax deeply.

Don't worry if you do fall asleep, that is fine too.

Either way, trust me, it is working!

When you start listening to my hypnotherapy suggestions, you drift into the Alpha/Theta hypnotic state…

I can assure you this is perfectly safe and scientifically supported with factual evidence that this method works...

Hypnosis is incredibly RELAXING, so you can just listen to my voice while I talk you through your NEW "Alcohol Free July" habit.

In an instant, the mind takes in this new information during this alpha/theta state...

And your old unhealthy thinking and drinking habits are literally booted out in favour of NEW healthy drinking habits on the spot.

It's like out with the old programming and
in with the new REAL YOU!

The deeply-ingrained unhelpful thoughts, feelings and habits that have caused over drinking for many years are...

EFFECTIVELY REPROGRAMMED simply by listening to the daily recordings.

So you just start to naturally not want to drink without even thinking about it!

Because those driven to drinking moments are simply not there anymore...

It may seem hard to BELIEVE I know...

But virtually EVERYONE who does this program says that the urge to drink literally just GOES AWAY...

Like this woman... Who like many were sceptical and slightly cynical about the process.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 11.56.50 PM.png__PID:84634cc1-57be-4987-8475-163bf9479546

IT WORKS because what you've done is trained your unconscious mind to go Sober for the month of July without willpower!

Technically speaking, it's a bit like upgrading your mind's "software."

The files stored in your mind that contained your unhealthy drinking habits…

Are UPGRADED to a software that you didn't think you had!

Each time you listen to the recordings, you upgrade your mind's capacity to have a Dry month.

This radically simple yet highly effective program is GUARANTEED to support your July goals!

Irrespective of your drinking history and regardless of whether you drink 2 or 3 bottles of wine a night.

Irrespective of whether you drink 12 beers or more a night…

Or those home measured gin and tonics that you know are more than you should drink.

Even if you've been a regular heavy drinker for years…

Or a binge drinker your entire adult life!

And GET THIS... it works even if you drift off while you're listening to the recordings…

And even if you doze into a lovely sleep!

Which often happens because each recording is extremely RELAXING…

So relaxing and rejuvenating that most people find listening to the program becomes their favourite part of the day…

It's a time to spend with yourself that you'll genuinely look forward to.

And feel much better after the 25-minute and 1 hour recordings.

Like this heavy drinking woman, who was an incredibly stressed out person!

Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 12.01.31 AM.png__PID:3bf94795-46c3-466b-85c2-2b2ecf2a8a7d

So, what does actually happen over four weeks of abstaining from alcohol?

In the first seven days….

You will start to see some significant changes, not just in quantity but the quality of your sleep.

Alcohol may initially help you fall asleep quickly, BUT here lies the problem, you get to sleep quicker, but the lovely dream state or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is reduced!


REM sleep is thought to be the most restorative part of our sleep cycle so that disturbed REM sleep can steal precious hours of healing sleep.

Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep can affect your immune system. Studies show that people who don't get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as a common cold or worse.

Alcohol is a diuretic, so for every glass of wine you consume, you lose four glasses of water!

Now let’s talk about how many calories you are consuming when you drink alcohol!

800 calories you save with five glasses of wine or beer!

So what about the money you save?

Well, I guess that depends on how much you drink.

YOU do your own numbers here…

On average you can save $15 per bottle of wine

Having no beers... How much could you save?


Week 2, already halfway there…

Alcohol is known to irritate the digestive system. Drinking alcohol makes your stomach produce more acid than normal, which can, in turn, cause gastritis (the inflammation of the stomach lining).

If you do suffer from any gut issues, you will start to see an improvement by the end of week two.

One of the most significant benefits on top of general well-being is simple weight loss.

There are lots of empty calories in alcohol which are often not taken into account when trying to maintain our weight.

Also, we tend to eat slightly less healthy foods after a few drinks and tend to snack more as well.

Week 3… you’re on the right side of things

Alcohol has been proven to raise blood pressure, so you will naturally feel better in the 3rd week of a dry month.

Reducing your blood pressure can be crucial as it can help to lessen the risk of health problems occurring in the future.

During week 3, you should also notice your eyes have become brighter and whiter, as your eyes also become more hydrated and you don’t suffer from
Dry Eye, which is common when drinking alcohol.

Week 4, now it wasn’t that hard, was it?

Your liver will thank you…taking alcohol out of your diet for just four weeks can help your liver function so much better and dramatically reduce liver fat that is directly related to excessive drinking!

Your skin will also have improved dramatically; it takes on average 28 days for your skin to renew itself.

As alcohol is a known diuretic, without it more water will be absorbed than wasted, so you are more likely to recapture that natural ‘glow’. The process itself varies from person to person and is very much dependent on age, but your skin should feel more hydrated.

With improvements in liver function and healthier-looking skin, you will feel like a new person.

You will be converting nutrients in food better, storing more minerals and vitamins, and this will have a domino effect on every aspect of your health and your outlook on life.

Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 12.23.43 AM.png__PID:184bc3e1-e3ea-41a5-9e01-d003489284d4

✋🏻 WAIT!


Before I tell you the exceptionally LOW PRICE for this program…

Let me tell you how much of this amazing, easy-to-access
content and support you get!

Because it's way more than you'd expect...

You get immediate access to the Go July 25 minute recording...
PLUS, since you're reading this today, I'm giving you a SPECIAL one-off
opportunity that includes:

  • 1 x Powerful hypnotherapy recording to instantly shift your thinking about your drinking to a much healthier space
  • PLUS a beautiful affirmation video that gets you into a quick positive sober space when you have that little ‘pesky’ drinking thinking moment!
  • I am also including my Top Liver Tips document to support you through your Alcohol Free July!

This special package has all the tools you need to MAKE SURE YOU SUCCEED
in becoming a happier and healthier person!
Or your money back... and it's only found here...

It only takes 25 minutes a day to listen to the powerful July recordings.
There are other amazing benefits to this program…It is about feeling:
More Intuitive
More Creative

So what is this special price?

Normally I would charge $257 USD!

But I know how difficult it has been for people financially since the beginning of 2020 and I don’t want this to stop you succeeding.

Of course, you are going to save a lot of money by not drinking, so you’ve saved a serious amount of money there too!

I know one client of mine put the money towards that beach holiday she wanted, and another gave the money to her sister who really needed it.

Whatever you decide to do… remember it is for an AMAZING reason...

To heal your mind, body and liver from years of drinking!

You will receive the entire Alcohol Free July package for less than a decent bottle of wine in a restaurant!

And as a serious BONUS!

I am going to give you completely free a 1 hour subliminal July recording which will give you extra leverage to succeed this month.

How does it work? You simply put it on while you are at your desk or while reading, and you can fall asleep to it as well. It’s entirely up to you.

I normally charge $129 for this, and you get it absolutely free!

All together including top tips, bonus recordings...

YOU will only pay today $39 USD for all of this!

Plus you don't have to wait for the mailman to deliver your product to you…

Everything will be delivered into your email inbox after purchasing.


Be sure to check your spam folder too, just in case they have gone in there.

And remember, if after 30 days, you are not completely happy with the product…

Or you don't like my Australian accent, or you want to continue to drink…The way you do and just feel you aren't ready to be Sober for July

I will give you a full refund, no questions.

I stand by my work and feel passionate that I can help you.

You have an amazing mind…

Just trust…


With the tools, I give you on this tried and tested program you are on your way to being sober on the first day!

Some common questions I get are: "How will I know this is working for me?

"The ANSWER is, you will notice you are calmer and don't have that drive to drink and you just forget about drinking!

Another common question is:

"I don't think I can be hypnotized?"

The ANSWER is yes, you can! Everybody is hypnotizable.
Hypnosis is a proven natural brain wave activity that we all experience
going into sleep, and just before we wake.
This is a scientific FACT!

If you are secretly thinking you don't believe in hypnosis, then why don't you try it and see for yourself.

There is a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and only good things to gain.

So press the BUY NOW button.

TODAY is your day to take action and embrace July with a deep trust and confidence.


Warm regards,